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Engineering, design, tooling and fully integrated component manufacturer

01 Defence

From the start of Global in 2008, the defence sector has been the backbone of the business, and includes the design & manufacture of a fully integrated antennae base, combined with a motor and yoke system, for Kelvin Hughes, a Sampson multifunction radar housing for BAe Systems, and Scot Patrol radomes & base structures for Airbus Defence & Space.

02 Aerospace

Global’s experience in this sector includes: UAVs, VTOL systems, airships, fixed wing and rotary vehicles. Products include the manufacture of composite engine cowlings, for the Hybrid Air Vehicles /Northrop Grumman/US Army LEMV Airship development programme.

03 Land Systems

Our experience includes; combat vehicles, UGVs, engineering equipment, range-finder platforms, munitions and armour, counter IED equipment, reconnaissance systems, C4ISTAR sub-systems and security and data protection systems.

04 Maritime

Our strong heritage in the maritime sector includes the Sampson multifunction radar housing for Royal Navy Type 45 destroyers for BAe Systems, and Scot radomes and bases assemblies for EADS.

05 Communications

Global designs, integrates and consults on lightweight mechanical structures for the communications sector. The types of structures include: antennas, radomes, absorbers, DF antennas, polarisers, whip aerials, omni-directional equipment, and dielectric windows.

06 Renewable Energy

Global has specialist knowledge in structural design, materials technology and composite processes. Our design and manufacturing focuses on the reduction of product costs and optimising through-life cost savings. Experience includes; wind turbines, tidal turbines, wave/venturi turbines and solar panels.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)

GPL manufacture and supply the Quiet Revolution QR5 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. The wind turbine has gone through an extensive re-design and is more efficient, reliable and quiet.

07 Run of River Water (ROR) Water Turbine

Global have manufactured a demonstrator water turbine, and looking to take this to market. Tidal technology can capture the power of tides and convert into clean, pollution-free electricity.

The ROR turbine can be configured for run of river applications where power will be constantly generated by the river flow, or Infin8 for tidal operation where power generation will flex with the tides. Tides are more predictable than wind energy and solar power.