Global Partnerships Ltd




Global Partnership's team of fully qualified and experienced, multi-disciplined design engineers is complemented by outsourced specialist partners who are market leaders in their respective fields of expertise.

We provide innovative design solutions from concept through to prototype development and testing to final ready-to-manufacture product design using the latest CAD, CFD, and FEA techniques. We have experience of designing single-piece parts through to complex assemblies with specialist knowledge of lightweight, robust composite structures. Our manufacturing and integration know-how ensures that we design for manufacture.

Programme Management


Global Partnerships provides a comprehensive outsourced programme management service, from management of small individual projects to high value programmes that involve the simultaneous delivery of multiple projects.

We take a systematic approach to programme management with meetings being held to uncompromised pre-agreed timelines, ensuring timely completion of benchmarks, milestones and completion dates and the early introduction of recovery programs if necessary. Our team can drive the whole process from concept through to manufacture.

Outsourced Manufacture & Integration


Global Partnerships assumes full responsibility for the manufacture of your components within defined requirements, utilising robust management systems and test procedures to ensure product conformity. We offer a complete outsourced manufacture and integration solution, including final assembly of complex mechanical and electrical components and structures.

We sub-contract lower level manufacture to our approved specialist partners and suppliers, ensuring that your design and manufacturing IPR and know-how is retained on your behalf.



We do not retain lower level manufacturing capability internally. This provides manufacturing flexibility allowing us to establish the integration process in off-shore locations to suit your requirements, supporting your bid process.

Offset can be carried out either on an arm’s length contractual basis where we supply finished components to the end customer, or under contract to establish an offset solution for you. With the former we retain the design and manufacturing IPR and know-how on your behalf, keeping the information centralised should the offset location change.